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The St. Louis- Columbia 5th District Church School Convention

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Rev. Lee Clayton Goodman, presided over the Church school Convention with assistance from
Rev. Roger Richardson and hosted by Rev. Charles Norris at St. James AME Church, St. Louis, MO
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Lady Michelle Franklin and Rev. Victor Vidal teach 13 years old and up at the Sunday School Convention
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A Special Birthday Celebration this July: Mother Mona of Christ Our Redeemer AME Church, St. Louis, MO
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Happy Birthday Mother Mona Borders

85 Years ago, this expensive car rolled of God's assembly line.

Today with the original engine and tires, the car is still running!

Nothing man ever made lasted that long.

The beauty of this creation illuminates God's ingenious creative power.

Thank you for your consistent and dependable service at the  6 pm Friday Prayer meeting.

May the grace of Our Lord continues to abide with you.

 May your star continues to glow like the stars of heaven, and your flower blossoms like the flowers in the Garden of the Almighty God.

Happy Birthday Mother Mona

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