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In Celebrating Black History Month
Grant Lovell AME Church in Moberly, MO
Gives Away Free Bibles

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Grant Lovell AME Church Offers FREE Bibles

In the United States, Christianity is in great crisis. Some have abandoned Christ to worship man-made idols. Others walked away from Christianity altogether because they are unable to understand why so many are dying due to covid-19 even though the plague was predicted years ago in the book Closer Walk with Jesus.

(Read Chapter 37 The Coming Catastrophe – published 2010)

The main media ignored the message, even the televangelists ignored the warning despite it was presented to them repeatedly about the dangers ahead.

The nation is polluted with lies, misinformation, intentional deception, and conspiracy theories by people making money from the ignorance of people including Christians. Sadly some who believed the lies of the enemy of God are not only in bondage, they have fallen by the sword of the plague of the Coronavirus.

​As Christian preachers, our mission is to preach the uncompromising truth of the Gospel of Christ. We are the messengers of whom we serve. Those who embrace the lies of the enemy while spreading false information also become the messengers of the devil.


In his message, Jesus warned us about the evil of the devil saying, “The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come so that they may have life, life more abundantly,” St. John 10:10.

We can stop people from dropping dead like flies if we lead them to the truth of God. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit can touch, inspire, correct, and lead people to the truth.

To this end, we are offering free Bibles to individuals who want to know the truth and embrace the truth of God. Postage paid until we run out of books. Order your free copy today.

To obtain this Free Bible, follow this Instruction;

Email your name, address, and cell phone number to:


In your request add this pledge.

“I promise to Read my Bible and not believe in the lies of the enemy of God.

The free Bible will be sent to you free, postage paid.

Stay tuned for this forthcoming book’s hard copy to be released in summer 2022.

How Are the Mighty Fallen – Prophetic Failure and the destructive power of embracing human idols.

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