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Rev. May E. Hall's Message

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To the Bethel Family,

whom I will always be a part of. I love you and you will always be my first love.

Just coming out of ordination in 1999 and to be given my first charge, I thank God for putting us together. The Bethel family has taught me so much in my walk with God, and without your love, I don’t think I would have gotten this far. I miss you all, but we knew that this day would come when we would have to depart.


My fondest memories of ministry start with you. I will never forget my first Sunday service at Bethel and how you put your loving arms around me and helped through my first service. I know that it was only by the grace of God that we lasted our first five years together. Then we departed for five years and I was sent back for ten more years.

Oh, what joy and love we shared as one happy family in Christ. I will never forget the chicken dinners, the fish fry’s, the special day celebrations, the VBS, the park day and all the fun time. What a fellowship we had, even through the tuff times we stayed together.

It was hard for me to go, but it was my time to let go and move on. God is still blessing me where I am today. And I know that he will continue to bless you and your new Pastor and family. Be sweet to him as you were with me, and all will be well for the future.

Love your Mother Hen

Rev. May E. Hall.


I miss you Rose, Shelia, Brenda, Michael, Walker brothers and Bernice

Rev. May E. Hall

All through the years God has been good to me. 2004, I was given my assignment for Grant Chapel and in 2010 we changed the name to Grant Lovell. After we merged Lovell Chapel of Huntsville MO with Moberly. You can say this was a marriage made in heaven, and they are still as one. Yes, we had some good days and we had some hills to climb, but when I look around and think things over all of our good days outweighed our bad days and I won't complain.

​​​​​​​​​​I will never forget our high times in the service when Emma would beat those ivories like never before. When the folks would get their shout on and souls would come to Jesus. Yes, I miss those high times in the Lord. I miss those days out on the main drag selling BBQ and just hanging out with each other.

I thank God for our paths passing through and getting to know so many wonderful people. I came when most of the youth was young and in elementary and I stayed long enough to see most of them graduate high school. I had opportunities to perform weddings, yes even funerals to see so many move on to their next life. I had heart aches and pain, but through it all God never left me alone. I thank God for people like Mike Fugate, Jill Hughes, Francis Graves, Etta Timmons, Edna Bracken, Louise Davis and so many more; those pillars of knowledge who kept me lifted.

Those were the day I thought they would never end, but all good things don’t last forever, but God. I thank God for his everlasting love and the bond that he gave us that will never be broken. Sixteen year we spent together most marriages don’t last that long, but what God puts together no one can take it away. Though I may no longer be in the mist of you my heart is always there.

Remember what I told you, if you stand together for the good of the church, nothing can break the chain. You are the light on the hill, so never let that light go out. Although I am no longer there, my love for you will always remain!


Love Pastor Hall

Ruth Ann, Angela, Wanda, Emma, Debbi, Vicki, Linda, I miss our girl time together





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