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Words of Encouragement and Gratitude
from Pastor
Rev. Victor Vidal
Commissioning Service, 13th AME Midwest Annual Conference Sept. 3, 2020
Social Distancing Doesn't Apply to God. Draw Closer to God. He will Draw Closer to You

Pastor’s Thank You Message, 2020

To all the members of Grant Lovell and Bethel AME Churches, I greet you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the spirit of gratitude, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, support, and service in this past conference year when my wife and I first appeared at your church as your new pastor. Words cannot express the joy that I have experienced in serving as your shepherd.

As you know, at the 13th AME Midwest Conference, on Thursday September 3rd2020, during the Commissioning Service, Bishop Fugh reassigned me to serve at your churches. I’m greatly delighted because I have met so many great, wonderful and dedicated people always willing to worship and serve the Lord with smiles.

With the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, divine inspiration from above, and the abiding love of God, we will start this new conference year with gratitude to God. Our service for the Lord will continue as we take our message beyond the walls of the churches, to be responsive to the needs of the community, embrace our worship service either in person or through online services, and be the shining light of Christ to others.

I do know some of you may find it untraditional to conduct worship services this way, for now. If you think for a moment, you will realize all our worship services even though in person are virtual before an invisible God. God also talks and direct us through the Holy Spirit livestream before the Internet was ever invented. The video tapes of our Worship Services and Prayer Meetings are stored in Heaven and not on YouTube or Facebook.

So whether livestream services or in person worship, God sees them all. Consequently, I plead with you to please join us and encourage other church members including the Youths, as we start Zoom worship service on Sunday September 13 at 1 pm. It’s going to be a short service as we get used to it. I’m praying the Corona Virus pandemic will slow down and our Bishop will give us the okay to open back the churches for service. I will send the Zoom link as soon as it is available. I placed four different ways on our website and in the Newsletter how to join the Zoom Worship Service.

I’m very excited to be reassigned  to serve both churches and I’m praying this year will be a far better year and Corona Virus should not be our obstacle to serve God.

“Social distancing does not apply to God! Draw nearer to God and He will draw nearer to you. Even with your masks, he can still recognize you.”


Have a God blessed day.

Rev. Victor Vidal, Pastor.

"In Domino Confidemus - We have faith in our God."

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