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Pastor Victor Vidal, First Lady Rita, and Family Celebrate 40 Years of Wedding Anniversary
Anniversary 1.jpg
Anniversary 2.JPG

Rev. Victor Vidal and First Lady Rita Vidal at the Wedding Anniversary Celebration Reception in
St. Louis, MO
Below is the Pastor's Appreciation Cake by Grant Lovell AME Church, Moberly and to the right is
Mr. & Mrs. Maverick Jordan from Moberly, who joined the Celebration in St. Louis, MO.
Cake 1.jpg
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan.jpg
Anniversary 4.JPG

Above is the picture of Family and Friends at the Wedding Anniversary Celebration and on the right, the two Sons.
Anniversary 6.JPG
Vidal 02.jpg
Vidals 1.JPG
Vidal 03.JPG
Above and to the right are Vidal's children, below are the two pictures taken during Pastor's Appreciation Month in Oct. 2021 at Bethel AME Church in Macon, Missouri with Sis. Rose Harris of Macon.
Bethel Celebration1.JPG
Bethel Celebration 2.JPG
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