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Grant Lovell Chapel AME Church,
Moberly, MO
Memorial of Our Departed Saints #2

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During Memorial Service, Members Give Tribute to their Departed Loved Ones
Memorial 60.jpg
Memorial 61.jpg
Memorial 62.jpg
Memorial 67.jpg
Memorial 64.JPEG
Memorial 65.JPEG
Memorial 70.JPEG
Memorial 71.JPEG
Memorial 68.JPEG
Memorial Pics 41.jpg
Memorial 72.JPEG
Memorial Pics 11.jpg
After the Memorial Service, it Was Dinner Reception Time
Dinner 1.jpg
Dinner 4.jpg
Dinner 2.jpg
Dinner 3.jpg
Dinner 7.jpg
Dinner 5.jpg
Dinner 9.jpg
Dinner 10.jpg
Dinner 11.jpg
Dinner 12.jpg
Dinner 14 .jpg
Dinner 8.jpg
Dinner 13.jpg
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